Monday, July 27, 2015

34 Week Progress and Symptoms

Just 4 weeks away from being full term!! The anticipation of knowing the exact due date is exciting and also driving me crazy! I naturally went into labor with Munchie 1 week late, but I do also think my due date was off. This time I'm confident it's more accurate since it was changed from August 31 with my OB-GYN to September 4 when switching to the midwife. (If you're not sure why, do a little research into how due dates are actually calculated... I won't bore you with those details here.)

The bump is measuring exactly on track as of last week's appointment, which is awesome news since I really really really don't want to have to mess with weekly non-stress tests this pregnancy like I did with the first one. Plus, I think they would kick me out of the birthing center if I'm measuring way too small. But honestly, I think last time the doctor probably overreacted a bit by saying I was too small and just wanted to save his own butt. :) Plus, I'll mention again, I think my due date was off to begin with.

So next week is my last midwife checkup before I switch over to WEEKLY appointments that next week! Ahhhh! That means it's getting SO close. I think (maybe wishful thinking?) that baby will be here on SEPTEMBER 1st! Because we were aiming to have a September baby - but as soon as he wants to be naturally born is okay with me too. September 1st is really just my own personal ideal date. I wouldn't even consider induction, however, until September 11th. Which is just CRAZYYY since we CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE on September 9th!! Can you imagine going into labor and/or birthing a baby the same day I sign paperwork to officially sell my home? Big changes going on around here.

We did decide to again have a 4D Ultrasound, and it was just the coolest thing! I'm going to make a separate page with those pics, which you can see by clicking here.

As far as my current symptoms/side effects... pretty much the typical 34 week complaints. Last time, I swelled up like crazy at 35 weeks so I'm really hopeful that doesn't happen this time!!! It was awful!! And last time I had a lot of back pain, which so far this time I've had almost NONE, but I can't remember when that started up last time. Again, I'm wishful that I don't incur the back pain pregnancy. Although, the first time around, the INSANE back pain didn't actually hit until after I had baby! That was positively horrible! But eventually went away after just a few chiropractic appointments.

As of 34 weeks + 3 days, I'm dealing with repeat symptoms from my first pregnancy, including:

A few times a week. Sometimes completely randomly, but usually after blowing my nose. Which sucks, since...

I am constantly feeling like I need to blow my nose. Just like last time, it is a 24/7 feeling that my nose is being blocked off from the inside. And it gets even worse when laying down. Did I mention that Joe has to wear ear plugs to sleep through my massive snoring episodes? Sexy, right?

Well, isn't that obvious. But seriously, sometimes I feel like my stomach is literally going to split open. There is no pain on my actual skin, no stretchmarks, and no skin itching... just feels like I ate 10,000 cheeseburgers and it has nowhere to go except come spilling out of my belly button. I know, pleasant.

And even when I'm not actually peeing, it just feels like I really hafta pee... minutes after just peeing. Baby is clearly sitting directly on my bladder, and the heavier he gets (almost 5 lbs at this point) the more I feel the pressure.

Here's a major one that I didn't have much of last time around and have this time, big time:
Aka: Symphysis pubis dysfunction. On some days it will strike randomly during the day, but most of the time it's just in the evenings and especially when I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, or in the morning. It's really painful, but I can still move through the pain. It doesn't normally stop whatever physical activity I'm doing at the time, but it's very hard to ignore. All research I've found says it will pass after delivery. I just hope it means my limbs will be extra open for baby to come sliding right out. Sorry for the visual.

Really, sometimes I think he must be trying to break out of there right now, right through my stomach. A few weeks ago he was jamming his foot or something right underneath my oblique muscle, and that extremely unpleasant. I haven't had many kicks or jabs to the ribs (yet), just mostly out of the sides, and a lot of rolling sensations with his back along the front of my stomach. Hopefully he remains heads down from here on out, like the midwife said.

Some days I tire really early in the evening, or even during the day. One thing I have noticed is that I get way more out of breath than I'm used it, just going up and down the stairs or walking around!! Luckily, Munchie's last gymnastics class is this week, because I'm not sure how much longer I can chase after him and help him flip around bars and on mats.

What can I say, some days are easier than others. Constipation is not on my list of Top 100 Favorite Things in the World.

I finally got around to uploading pics from the mini photo session Munchie and I did as a surprise for Joe for Father's Day. I will always treasure these, and especially the one of him kissing his little brother. He likes to tell me that his "baby brother" is going to be "so cute".

Friday, June 26, 2015

30 Week Update

3/4 done! That's right, just 10 (+/-) weeks to go till this baby makes his debut. Now comes the hard part... dealing with chronic heartburn, peeing, unable to maneuver, tie shoes, shave... my least favorite part of pregnancy. Not having normal mobility and energy. So excited to meet this little guy so it will be worth it, of course.

Hypnobabies Home Study is going pretty well, I think. But only birthing day will really show how well I pass the "final exam". I have the utmost confidence it will be a smooth and comfortable birth, which is more than what I had envisioned with first baby. Mind over matter, right? We'll see. Testament to the program's effectiveness to come.

Midwife visits are going really well, no concerns or issues. I passed the glucose test and am measuring about a week ahead, so maybe this baby will come a little early. Or maybe he will just be extra juicy. I'm happy with either option (or both!). I need to go in every 3 weeks from now until week 36, so only a few more appts left to go!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

20 Week Ultrasound Pics!

The ultrasound at 20 weeks 3 days went great! Baby BOY is healthy and on track. They even gave us a quick 3D view... super cool!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Halfway Point!

Today is 20 weeks, which means 20 weeks to go! Can't believe that much time has already passed and I know the second half will fly by too. I'm especially excited for Munchie, I know he is going to have such a blast with a baby around.

Feeling pretty good. I've been quite exhausted lately, although that may just be remnant from our packed 1-week Florida vacation recently. Other than that, just have small bouts of heartburn. And already feeling like there is a bowling ball sitting in my stomach. But it's worth it when I feel the frequent movement and kicks. That part is SO cool! And just a few days ago, the movement became visible from the exterior too, so Hubs got to see some of baby's moves. I look forward to when movement is super obvious so I can get Munch's reaction!!

Very Tired
Heavy Tummy
Baby Movement
Banana (6.5")


Sunday, March 29, 2015

17 Weeks + Practicing Big Brother Duties

I took Munchie to the Magic House recently where he got to pretend-play with a doll in the "fake" nursery. He was SO CUTE, wanting to feed the baby, put a hat and socks on it, and suck out nose boogers. He was even so kind as to force the baby to fit into the too-small bassinet crib. Let's hope he keeps up the enthusiasm about being so helpful. Well... except for the whole smooshing baby down into the bassinet thing.

Smooshing Baby into the Bassinet

Fun with the Boogie Sucker

Feeding Baby
I'm feeling baby kick and/or roll over several times a day now, and even getting almost daily Braxton Hicks contractions already.

Stuffy Nose
Baby Kicks
Braxton Hicks
Open Palm of Hand (5")
Starting to show!

Friday, March 20, 2015

4 Months, Here We Go!

Feeling so good as Baby and I start week 16! I've started a daily log to track our nutrient intake and exercise routine. Definitely trying to have a healthier pregnancy this time for a (hopefully) better labor and delivery. Guess that educational class I took a few weeks ago really had a positive effect! I've even started the Home Study Hypnobabies course and so far am really enjoying it! I'll update here occasionally on how that comes along.

Out of breath easily
Avocado (4.5")

Friday, March 13, 2015

15 Week Progress + Gender Reveal Recap

Today is the start of 15 weeks and I'm feelin' good! No food aversions, sickness, tummy issues... the second trimester is a breeze.

Hubs, Munchie and I did have our gender reveal cake... pics to come! It didn't go exactly as planned, which made for a very interesting video recording. For example, Munch kept wanting to smash into the cake before we were ready. Hubs was busy trying to figure out how to cut the cake open without seeing the color since we wanted Big Brother to announce whether he saw blue or pink. Meanwhile, I'm trying unsuccessfully to set up the phone cameras, and they kept sliding down from their position and mine kept turning off since the memory was too full. Munchie was adamant about getting to the cake and was getting frustrated because we were trying to keep him upbeat and excited about eating it but then wouldn't let him anywhere near it. Finally, he just burst into tears at the torture and I finally told Hubs to just cut the darn thing, it wasn't worth all the drama and hassle. He was actually able to cut a slice without seeing it, but then Munchie wouldn't tell us the color, he just wanted to eat it. So, yeah... it was a memorable experience to say the least.

Even though I took a few pregnancy and parenting classes at the hospital for Munchie's birth, being in the Birthing Center this time, they require different class prerequisites to give birth in their facility. Although I was skeptical about learning anything new, last week's class was what turned out to actually be very interesting and beneficial, as it was primarily about health and fitness during pregnancy. Sure, I already knew all the basics, but it was really cool to be around other like-minded individuals that are preparing for an unmedicated birth like I am. The class has such an awesome communal vibe and ended up being pretty fun. The instructor even made us spinach fruit smoothies! It's pretty easy to win me over with food.

Probably just as exciting as the gender reveal was that I starting feeling very definitive kicks/punches in the last week! Such a cool benefit to the whole pregnancy thing. This baby is definitely an active one!

Stuffy nose/sinuses
Increased thirst
Naval Orange (4")